Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us, Linda Christensen-Hyperlinks

Linda Christensen's "Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us" article focuses on today's society and how children aren't getting the right messages from cartoons. Christensen claims that Disney shows many stereotypes including ethnicity, race, gender and image especially with Disney Princesses
In one time or another every little girl has wished to be a Disney Princess but these are the messages that little kids are getting from Disney Princessess and even Prince's! This article starts out by saying, "I was nourished on the milk of American Culture" Which made me think back to S.C.W.A.A.M.P and these princesses in the image above focus on the pretty and white categories that the little kids want and have. Yes there are Disney Princesses but like the article said those are newer ones. The princesses in the image above are the older ones and the classic Disney princesses who are still around today. I think that it's interesting that Christensen's student makes the connection after that, "Women who aren't white begin to feel left out and ugly because they never get to play the princess".

"If you ever wonder why disney tales all end in lies" This gives you a whole different look on Disney movies and makes you realize it isn't really a happy ending. It makes me question should Disney send out these messages to kids instead of the the messages in the pictures posted above?  

An issue I had with this article, and in order to get a man you need to be pretty and skinny. Just recently Frozen came out where you see the message that no man needed to save them. Although most disney Princesses send the message that getting a Prince is the goal, this video shows us "you don't need a man" 

 But today girls still think they need to find that man, here is an article I found on traits women look for in a man. Even though they know Prince Charming Doesn't exist they still have a little bit of hope!


  1. Loved how you tied it to SCWAAMP! I gotta do that next time!

  2. "necrophilia is a great dating strategy"...enough said...(O_o creepy as hell....)

  3. It seems that women are still waiting for their Prince Charming! I love how you included this! The things we learn to covet as children follow us into adulthood!!