Sunday, November 30, 2014

Empowering Education, Ira Shor- Extended comments

For my blog post this week I am using Anthony's blog
Anthony said, "Today having a teacher or professor who is genuinely passionate about getting the best from his or hers students is rare" and I feel that this is sadly true!

When I was in highschool, at least in every class once a day someone would ask the question,  "is this on the test? " and if the answer were no, you wouldn't write notes.

I understand that this video was made mainly about technology in the classroom  think this video has a deeper meaning then technology ruining classes. I think it sums up Anthony's points. When I watched this video (Which was after I read the article) I kept thinking back to shore and his argument about 
Could students resort to technology because they are board in class and not engaged in class?  

Things that Notebooks Said that really stuck that really stuck out to me were

"18% of my teachers know my name" "I complete 49% of the readings" "My neighbor paid for class but never comes" "I memorized this stuff to fail"

Over all I think Shor's reading is a definite recap of everything we have learned this semester and I think that the very first line of this reading is exactly what we have been questioning after this whole semester

"What kind of educational system do we have? What kind do we need?
How do we get from one to the other?" (11)



  1. I liked the quote you picked from Anthony's blog! There is a lot of meaning behind this quote I definitely agree with him too.

  2. While reading this I didn't even think of "is this on the test?" This shows how students today are learning. We aren't really learning we are just memorizing to pass. Great job using Anthony's blog in yours.

  3. I totally agree with you and Ashley's comment with the "is this on the test?" I remember that in high school when the teacher said no, nobody paid attention.